Type and Price

Service prices

(month/VAT not included)
Remote server management operation price
Service price Setting fee Remarks
₩ 200,000/ month per server The first one ₩ 200,000 Assign professional system engineer of Hanbiro

The price can be changed depending on the workload or depending on the number of sever.
If the OS is Windows, the license fee will be charged more.

External Backup Service

(month/VAT not included)
External Backup Service
Service price Service details Price
Inside the computer room in the backup service The same computer room in the backup server is configured to back up separately Free
Other IDC in backup service Use backup server of Hanbiro (Located at Seocho-dong KIDC 1 center) 300GB
Linux / Windows : ₩ 50,000
Put backup server of your own company in IDC to backup(2U Rack)
(Located at Seocho-dong KIDC 1 center, KT Yeongdong IDC)
₩ 50,000

Service Component

The person in charge of customer data processing

Server on/off
Work request in Hanbiro

Server hardware vendors

Hardware failure process
Hardware technical support

Customer server

Server location : IDC, computer room or anywhere else
Server OS : Linux, Windows, Solaris, Free BSD

Hanbiro provided service

Integration, separation and movement of OS management / upgrade / patch / re-setting / backup server
Software application settings and management
Hanbiro applies all developed software
Database performance improvement and management
Firewall settings and management
Hardware RAID / Software RAID building, manegement
Other complaints

Detect server fault

Hanbiro 24 hours / 365 days server detects more than 100%

Engineer who takes responsibility with server will send SMS notification

Determine cause of failure

OS, OS, Software faults

Inform customers immediately after processing

Hardware failure

Inform customers about hardware vendors

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