Japan Hosting Products

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Customer owned server

  • Free support nonstop previous service
  • Free support custom configuration service
  • Free support 20 users when requesting groupware
  • Free support Web Analyzer
Traffic 1Gbps Shared / 2M Warranty
Permanent Rental Type ¥25,000 (Excluding tax)
Monthly/ half-annual/ annual payment is available, and when requesting, payment in advance is the principle.

  • 1Gbps Shared / Guarantee 2M(Additional : ¥1,000 per 1M (Excluding tax))
  • Agreement period : None
  • If you apply for Groupware, free up to 10 users

  • The monthly fee is prepaid and it is excluding tax amount.
  • Test operation period is 7 days.
  • In case server case is larger than 3U, additional charges may be generated.
  • In case of PC type case, recommend to change to rack mount case. If you want to exchange, case price is ¥30,000 (Excluding tax).

HANBIRO Server manager page

Customers who use Hanbiro server hosting management operations are provided server manager page.

  • Customer Information : edit/ delete customer information , edit/delete incharge person information
  • Network Management : check server traffic, specific server performance monitor
  • Server Management : backup current status, port information, process current status
  • Work Request : work request, work request processing report
  • Management Report : monthly management report

Basic provided service

  1. Provide recent update + security patch application completed state
  2. MRTG traffic chart
  3. Provide server customer page support
  4. Server monitoring, web monitoring
  5. Provide name server
  6. Provide one public IP address
  7. MS-Forfront
  8. Firewall settings (built-in firewall settings on your OS)
  9. E-mail 20 users
  10. Messenger 20 users
  11. PC remote support
  12. Web analyzer
  13. Intelligent DNS
Moon Sori
1544-4755 Ext. 505
(English Consultation Available)